What’s your style, again?

They say you’ve either got it, or you don’t.

Defining your style is somewhere to begin, it gives you a vision, a personality and a sense of belonging, well, that’s what they say. No matter how many trends come and go, your style will stay forever and will represent you for your entire life. A question I get asked regularly is “what is your style” and I often find myself fumbling about with words trying to find a way to reply, but really though, what is my style?


I think a signature style is relatable to the stars of the moment, the ‘IT’ girls and the people we see on social media (sad but true), does this mean we still have our own style or are we just taking bits from people we see on the screens? Thinking about it, no, I think even though we have style icons, they are only a minor vision of something we are trying to create.


I don’t think I have my own style that I can define via one specific word, some people say theirs is ‘edgy’, ‘sleek’, ‘minimal’, ‘luxe’ and so on but literally there is not one I can exactly pinpoint, so does this mean I have style?


I think back 50 or even 20 years ago there were so many less categories to fall under, for example, the 60s, you could’ve been a mod, rocker or just mini skirt obsessed, and I know that saying that there were many other styles of the 1960’s but far less than what there is today and with the added factor of social media today, more styles are evolving and people are evolving with them.

Our style definitely changes as we grow. What’s yours?







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