WEEK IN 1 | the loss of a blogger, fashion week and more

Oh my God I’ve been so MIA I know. I don’t even have an excuse, I’m just being lazy and need to get my arse into gear. Butttt if you don’t know already, I’ve just recently started up a YouTube channel and have an INTRO vid & 2 VLOGS up so if you like my blog please check out my YouTube out and subscribe, I will be writing a more in depth (snore) blog post on why I decided to start a YouTube channel etccc.

A post like this is something I’m trialling, I will be doing one of these each week, I’m wanting to make it kind of like a newsletter but some bits personal and about the goings on in my life but then some bits maybe about the blogging community, goings on in fashion or the world. Please let me know your thoughts on this below…

So to begin with, this week has seen one of my favourite bloggers, Sean Blishen (theblish), end her blogging journey. Myself and many others in the blogging community as both bloggers and fans of Sean’s blog and Instagram have watched her grow to what it was (which to put it plainly, fabulous).

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 10.45.52.png

Theblish posted an image with a lengthy caption explaining the reasons for her discontinuing her blog, one huge reason was due to social media and its changing for the worst. Social media in the blogging industry is a huge aspect and part of any journey and would be impossible to blog on a level without, it is one that myself and many others have had problems with and one I am still battling with now but without using it, our blogs wouldn’t be the same.

Sean mentioned that ‘life is too short to be lived through a phone screen’ and that she is going to continue her journey on a separate account which is for the things she enjoys in life. With 26,000 followers, some would deem it as a huge loss, but her words are something I couldn’t agree with more.


The social struggle is real, but not just for bloggers. Countless times I have scrolled through my timeline wanting to compare myself to others, messaged my friends going ‘why can’t I look like that’ or ‘why can’t I afford this’ – we are all wanting the image we see but don’t necessarily see the image behind the screen. It could take 100 shots, and 100 different angles to come out with the most ‘ideal’ instaworthy shot, people buy clothes and items to create a certain image for Instagram but are in £10,000 worth of debt. Why do we do this? Will it truly make us happy in the long run? I think publicly, it might be the best thing what Sean did and to get out now but, I enjoy blogging, and the journey but like Sean, the social media is killing it.

It’s heart-breaking to see a fellow blogger end their journey but the reasons Sean had is something I think many including myself can relate to.

In other newsss, Paris fashion week has ended which is the 4th run for AW18. 4 Cities in 4 weeks the fashion world is ready for a well-earned rest as my god, has it served us well. The eighties are back and I am LOVING it, along with leather, layers and logos (as predicted), we have been spoilt rotten. Street style has been on top form as well this month there are so many innovative ways people chose to wear items, ways you would’ve never have thought to wear, some were crazzyy, but crazy good.

OH, and that Chanel fashion show, very close to beating the SS18 runway show from October last year, but I never expect anything less from Karl and the team, they always blow it out the water but this was not (although close) was not my favourite. From all the 4 weeks of fashion, I do struggle to pick a favourite, the Tommy Hilfiger ‘Tommy Now Drive’ collection with Gigi Hadid in Milan was right up there for me. Which was yours?

810 copy810-1

810-2    810-3

Two of my personal (out of many) shows – Chanel AW18 and Tommy Hilfiger AW18 ready-to-wear

810-4           810

Also, yesterday if you didn’t know already, we are a bit of the way through International women’s day which commemorates the movement for women’s rights, a matter that is so so important and is a raised issue worldwide throughout all industries. I think it’s so important for us women to stick together and celebrate each other, and to continue to inspire each other and be inspired and to always aspire to the highest limit no matter what.


But something I have recently read online is about the McDonalds sign reversing its M to a W in support of women’s day, there has been a lot of backlash regarding this with people saying it’s too ‘feministic’ and ‘unfair on men’, which I have been thinking a lot about, when is men’s day, and if we are talking about equality, shouldn’t they have a day too? I don’t know where my stance is on this one because there are some pretty decent points being thrown out on each side, but one thing I do know, is that equality is something I will alway believe in.


BTW, too, completely irrelevant but, FREDDO’s HAVE COME DOWN IN PRICE. I AM living right now.

On that note, I hope you have enjoyed my first lil’ edition of ‘weeks in’, and I’m going to try and post more blog posts, haha. If you have anything you would like me to write about or any stories to put in next weeks ‘Week in’ then message me or comment below.

Thanks for reading,








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