Bloggers im jUST loving ATM

Blogging is now the norm, everyone’s doing it and if you’re not doing it, you’re either reading it or have heard about it.

Today I went to the gym after debating whether to go or not I’m now happy I did because I’m sat here eating a punnet of grapes. I’ve just had a morning of organising some pretty exciting things and have received an email that confirms me going to London Fashion Week – EKKKKK! Time to get some shows booked, I’m going on behalf of HUMBLE magazine, which is the magazine I am currently writing for, so go have a read of my articles on their website HERE.

I have just this morning ordered a new camera I have decided to start my own vlog which I am terrified about doing, for when I go to fashion week I think that will be V exciting but, I also think tied in with this blog I can share so much more and it gives me an excuse to do and talk about what I love.

Whilst planning my vlogging move, I am looking at others for inspo, vloggers I have watched forever and who also have a blog; it’s made me think about who gives me all the inspiration and thought I would share them on my blog with you guys because well, while the blogging community isn’t all that of a bad one (it has its moments) , there is not as much support as what I think there should be, the blogging community is like no other and is always good to connect with people who know your blogging dilemmas, or have been through something similar themselves, whether your blog features fashion, lifestyle, beauty or anything else, everyone needs a little support. spread the love galsss,

In no particular order ,,,

1. @weworewhat – 

This girl is my ultimate inspiration, I have followed Danielle for so long. The real MVP in the blogging community and a true New Yorker, her style is incredible.

  1. @livblankson –

Just a look through Liv’s Instagram gives you all the fashion lover feels, but moving onto her blog, her writing style is one of the best and nevertheless her fashion sense is next level, her writing is life.

  1. @yasminechanel –

My fashion romance is a blog by Yasmine Chanel who has THE baddest outfits and shares each look on her blog, (with links) you can’t lose.

  1. @bethanyelstone –

Girl has the best style, and is one of the first bloggers I really started following. City themes and amazing lifestyle posts, a forever inspiration. Oh, and model material.

  1. @chloeplumstead –

Honestly, anything you need to know, Chloe already has it down (and has probably wrote a blog post about it). Not to mention her classic style and impeccable taste for coats and jackets.

  1. @chrisellelim –

Blogger, vlogger- specialises in fashion, lifestyle, beauty, motherhood and can probably fly too. There is nothing you can find that Chriselle doesn’t do. Her blog is so clean, classic and tasteful. One of the most influential in the industry.






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