Shop The Look ; Jolly green giant – The Look That Almost Killed Me

I tend to struggle with night out looks and can never make my mind up on where to buy an outfit from, what I’ll be feeling on the night and when it’s to a place you’ve never been before it makes it 10X difficult. I was running around the morning of the night I was meant to go out. I ordered some bits from PLT weeks before, tried them on, loved them on then the day before I was going out, I was packing and tried my outfit going on again and really liking the pants but was not loving the top one bit, as you can probably imagine, I had a complete meltdown and obviously me being me, could not go with something I thought was just average and definitely couldn’t have gone with something out of my wardrobe, because that would be way too simple *rolls eyes*. so I ventured into town the next morning and ran round like a lunatic trying to find either a completely different look or a top to go with these bloody pants. God knows what I would’ve done if I couldn’t find anything, I have loads of stuff I could’ve worn but I didn’t want to wear anything I already had, I know, imagine living with me. Painful.

So today I have woken up with a terrible cough which isn’t great, as I’m in work tomorrow. But I went for a deep tissue massage this afternoon which cured me, apart from that I’ve once again not done much! To be fair though, I have got plenty of writing done which I needed to, because I’m in work for the next 5 days. Also, I’m sooo happy, yesterday I uploaded my ‘IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ACCESSORIES’ blog post read it HERE, and received just over half of the views that I aimed for in the new year, which has given me such a boost in mood as I mentioned in my post yesterday, I wasn’t feeling that motivated about writing but now my mood and motivation has gone 0-100. Real quick.

Finally, after running around town and going in each shop two times over I finally found a top in new look Thank god, the vodka was flowing that night, I needed it.

Shop my night out look below.


(I bought this in the sale from NEWLOOK but it is no longer online however, this is the Exact same top) ,



(again is from NEWLOOK however I bought it that long ago it is no longer online, any simple silver necklace/choker would go with this look though)

BEAUTY – would you guys like to see the beauty of the look ? lashes etc? Comment below and I will happily upload my going out make up soon.     






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