It’s all about the accessories

One thing a girl can’t live without is diamonds, but when your often broke it’s makes befriending them a little difficult, so high street accessories are the next best thing.

Just one accessory be it shoes, a necklace, earrings, hats, a scarf, whatever it is, it can transform you.


A combo of items I am loving at the mo. 

I’ve felt so lazy when it has come to blogging recently, and I suppose it doesn’t help the fact I was hungover yesterday and am still in pain today (drama queen as always, I know), but it’s meant to be a new year like come on Hannah. At least I ‘ve been going to the gym though that and watching Celebrity Big Brother is just about all I’ve been doing this week (how good is CBB this year though?!) I have also managed to fit in a couple of quick shops too, I needed an outfit for my friend Hannah’s 21st night out (the reason why I was hanging yesterday) and I just fancied a few bits, there are still so many sales on and although the shopping around me is utter crap, and I’m serious it is, no matter how bad, it’s always good to have a little mooch! I found a few bits but my favourite thing to shop in high street sales in a crap shopping area is accessories, because you already know the clothes are going to be 0/10 however, with accessories, it’s always a mystery and I must say I’ve found a few bits I love this month!


All items here are Accessorize they had a FAB sale on, I also got a really cute travel bag from there too which I will upload soon. 

Like I said in my ‘TRENDS I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO IN 2018’ post -read it HERE -, statement jewellery is huge and is only going to get bigger this year. Winter is a time I think where your look needs a bit of pizazz (how the hell do you spell that word, is it even a word? hope you know what I mean xo), spicing up your look with some statement jewellery is easy and cheap, especially if you 1. have a decent area to shop like Manc or 2.  find something in the sales.


This will go SO good with my snake drop earrings.

Like most, I can’t wait for summer and all the colours and patterns that turn up with it but now I’m really enjoying styling up and adding bits to these simpler winter looks that you can wear anywhere, any time, the power that any accessory has this time of year is pretty influential.


The lipstick is Elizabeth Arden and one I stole from my mum but I’m obsessed with wearing it right now and putting a little gloss over it. 

Shop some of my favourite places to shop for accessories ATM below…














Where is your favourite place to shop for accessories? Do you have a favourite at the moment?






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