Trends I’m looking forward to in 2018

Too many trends have come back round from different eras this year from denim to coloured lens glasses, ruffles, slip dresses, graphic tees, the list goes on. However only a few can stay as we move onto more trends and I’m praying to god one day we create our own that an era hasn’t already created yet.

Designers have already set the tone at Septembers fashion week and have given us a heads up on what to expect in the new year, some of which were already heading into the limelight in 2017 and so you will have seen before, but trust, this 2018, they’ll be bigger. Here’s some I’m looking forward to in the new year;

Statement earrings


As some of you who follow me and have seen previous posts, I’m a hoop girl and love my hoops but I also already have my fair share of statement earrings and couldn’t be happier about the trend coming about, it’s a mix of modern with an 80’s trend coming back but who doesn’t love 80’s fashion?! Geometric shapes will turn heads and add a bit of drama to a look.

Wide leg trousers


These on nights out are the best thing, you can now slutdrop and dance the night away without a care hunny and I’m loving it, they look chic when worn with cropped top on a night out but also wear in the day with a blouse or blazer, I need to get on this trend more.



Ok so I’m obsessed with berets and since buying my baker boy hat I’ve now realised that a beret needs to be my next purchase. They immediately turn you into looking as cool as ever. Wear it anywhere, even better, when in Paris.

Brand logos


Logomania is back baby. We stopped wearing brands on our sleeves (and everywhere else) a few years back after influencers and celebrities decided it wasn’t cool anymore, but now it’s back I’m happier than ever, I think it defines a brand so much more when on the high street and it gives a brand their own identity. Gucci, LV and Tommy Hilfiger are all doing it and I can’t wait to get back on this in –your- face trend.



IT girls and bloggers started to wear plaid late 2017 and since then it has gone off it’s now in high-street shops everywhere and it can only get bigger this year, from cute skirts to styling a blazer with a simple turtle neck. I’m so looking forward to seeing more of this.

Patent leather


Like plaid, IT girls and bloggers started wearing patent leather in late 2017 it too blew up being on high street stores and online shops like Pretty Little Thing and Missguided. It is everywhere and is so versatile and even better, doesnt just come in black (although personally I think patent black leather is cool AF) I fully believe it will carry us all the way through to summer 18 and beyond.






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