2018 goals/resolutions; blog & personal

2017; another year that has flown by, where does time go? A crazy year filled with good, bad and the unexpected. This year I have changed the layout of my blog more than 3 times, re-launched my blogs, been paid for articles after writing for free for a long time, got a new job, grew my confidence and learnt not to sweat the small stuff.

First off though, I hope you all have a great New Year’s Eve,  (comment what your plans are below), unfortunately this new year’s I’ll be working – sucks to be me- but hopefully next year I will have time off work and can go on a night out.

Every year I always set out with the same intentions to create a new year’s resolution and stick to it, and never do, like many, mine last year was to eat less and lose weight, I joined the gym but still haven’t reached my target goal.

There’s something I love though about the idea of starting fresh, it’s like a new school year where you get all your new pencil cases and stationary- sooo satisfying. As I’m getting more serious about blogging and my “blogging goals” I thought it would be a good time to make some resolutions for my blog swell.

In the past, I’ve found it difficult coming up with a new year’s resolutions and goals but this year I’ve been reeling them off, I don’t know if it is going to be harder to stick to the more I have but I think these are ones I’ve really not had to think about so am more passionate about ticking to them. I’ll be counting the days I stick to them….


My first blogging goal is to have at least 250 views each day I upload a new post, it may not seem like much for a lot of bloggers but it’s a big leap for me. To achieve views something, I need is to be more interactive with bloggers and my ‘audience’ so attending events and posting more on Instagram is a must.

I also want my views to be consistent but in order for me to do that, I must post consistent, I think it’s something I have gotten better with but planning ahead needs to start being a regular thing.

Finally, I will be hosting a giveaway in the new year so follow my Instagram @hannahcorkhill to stay updated on that.


Like I said at the start it’s been a whirlwind of a year for many reasons. I’ve made new friends but also not necessarily lost old ones but I think I’ve seen a different side to people. My first resolution is to keep my good friends close and not take them for granted and to make new friends and meet new people. That one is probably my most important goal for the new year. I also want to keep saving and reach my savings target.

Weight has been a bit of a confusing one for me this year and it has gone up and down and although I don’t think like any other girl I will be happy with my weight, big or small, I would still like to lose some and be my old size and weight and am more determined than ever to do so.

Some more not so serious (although I will make sure they are) goals are to buy more clothes and to get my Givenchy bag (see my Christmas post Here to read more about that).

It’s a huge jump both blogging and personal but will keep you updated on my progress.

Have a great New Year! What are your plans?

Check out my favourite images/ videos on my Instagram story @hannahcorkhill.

And for one final time this 2017 don’t forget to follow my blog and follow my other social media…







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