Christmas Day ; At The Corkhill’s & What I Wore

So, first of all I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and you ate and drank plenty, spent time with loved ones and had a blast!

This post is a little harder to write than first expected; 1. Because I’ve just had my nails done pretty long and am still getting use to them (god help me with all these typos & thank the lord for spelling / grammar check) and 2. I was really hoping to vlog my Christmas as I think it would have been so much easier and visually pleasing but hopefully this time next year I will have already set up my vlog and can do a big Christmas day post (and a potential vlogmas). But you’ve got to work with what you’ve got and for now this is it. Christmas with the Corkhill’s went a little like this…

04:00AM I woke up I can’t believe I still wake up at this time on Christmas day, luckily, I fell back asleep. I’m just a big kid.


08:30AM after another few hours’ sleep, I woke back up again and my brother came in my room to see if I was up for going downstairs and checking what Santa has delivered (routine). My parents were already awake which was unusual and a first because usually we are up so much earlier so the kettle was on and we sat down to open our presents.

My gifts; I didn’t really ask for anything this year apart for my Vogue subscription to be renewed, I enjoy buying for myself so I think my parents struggled with what to get me so they just gave me a bit of money to put towards some shopping and also my vogue subscription renewed. I also received some cashmere gloves off my brother, and from other family members/ friends just bits and bobs like vouchers, money, chocolate etc. I’m sooo grateful and very excited to get shopping (I’m thinking of saving for the Givenchy Mini Smooth Antigona Tote which I’m obsessing over atm, so I might have to hold back on the big shopping hauls for a while.


STUNNING, right?

My gifts to other people; I’m obsessed with buying for other people but this year was very last apart from my mum’s gift which was a trip to Berlin at the start of the month which she loved! (see my berlin travel guide post). I also got her a little something to open Christmas morning too which was just a Radley canvas bag. I got my bother concert tickets for me and him to go and see Party Next Door in Manchester as I thought I would be so sick taking him to his first concert to see an artist we love; and I got him a big tin of Oreos which are his favourite biscuits so between me and him, didn’t last long at all. My dad I was not sure on what to buy at all, but I had a quick look in Hugo Boss and after debating to get him a hat and scarf combo or a card holder I went with the card holder, simple but nice and something he would never expect. The rest of my fam, I just got bits and bobs for like vouchers, I got my grandad a model aircraft from work and then my granny a Radley canvas bag too as well as gifts from me my mum and brother too. I think as rushed as my gift getting was, my presents this year were NO.1.


9:30AM After we had opened out gifts it was breakfastttt time and because it was Christmas a sausage sandwich was on the cards (it would be rude not to) and as we ate we watched Beauty and the Beast 2017 which I never thought I’d say but I’m OBSESSED with, and we also facetimed the rest of the familia.

12:00PM we all started to get ready and shower etc. then one of my aunties came round with my cousin and his daughter who’s only 5 so that was fun to see them because Heidi was so excited, we got her some roller-skates for Christmas ha-ha.

After they left we started to get ready and get in our party mood, we headed to my granny and grandads where we saw my Auntie who had just been round again and had a glass of champers with them. Di (my mum) had dinner on at home and we had my other Auntie (my mum’s cousin) and her partner coming round for dinner, drinks and games so as soon as we got back another bottle was cracked open and poured and we had a little toast to Christmas day.


We had another couple of family members come round so by the time we sat down for dinner it was about 5:30PM which I know is not a typical time to eat Christmas dinner but we were just so chilled and didn’t want to rush family visits.

5:30PM starter was served my mum is so extra with Christmas dinner and I a true dinner party host (get her on come dine with me), something I could never live up to because I wouldn’t even be able to get over the first hurdle, cooking… so I’ll just pour the alcohol… in my own glass.


Our Christmas dinner menu was:

Starter – Broccoli and stilton soup (delish)

Main – of course, the Christmas dinner works; turkey, sprouts with chestnuts, mash, roasted potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, parsnips & stuffing. I took a little bit of everything but couldn’t finish it all.


Dessert – white chocolate and raspberry sponge (for me and my brother because we don’t like Christmas cake or pudding), Christmas cake, Christmas pudding and a sherry trifle.

We also had cheese and nibbles afterwards too and basically couldn’t move after.

7:00PM Secret Santa time, my mum loves a little secret Santa so she organised one on for the 6 of us. We had a spend limit of £10. Everyone got funny gifts personalised to them, like me, I got a blow-up Queen crown of course.


GAME TIME we started out playing The logo board game and I was in a team with my brother but obviously, we didn’t win because the logos and the questions were way before our time so when we called quits on that I went upstairs and wrote some names down for heads up, we did a celebrity version, it was so much fun and really lightened the night up 10X more.

The drinks were flowing and we carried on with the party throughout the night. I’m now sat here boxing day having just visited the sales, watching Zootopia, with a tub of roses by my side eating as much as I can and prepping myself for my next night out / house party tonight, pictures to follow on my Instagram @hannahcorkhill !

The best part of Christmas 2017; seeing almost all my immediate family and having the best laugh with them.

The worst; duh its Christmas day, there wasn’t one

Plan for next year? Hopefully have a vlogmas up and running and do a Christmas day post and also to see as much family I can again, be the NO;1 gift buyer 2nd year in a row and I think I would like to have more games for Christmas day (any suggestions comment below)

What I wore; you can shop what I wore on Christmas Day on my ‘Shop The Look’ page HERE.

What was your favourite part of Christmas this year?

Enjoy the rest of your breaks dolls.






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