Top 5 Coats for the New Year

The new year brings fresh beginnings (for however long they last), but out with the old and in with the new year’s resolutions, the weather is still as cold for these final few months of winter. With the coat being the centre piece of a woman’s winter look, I’ve cut out 5 of the most break out coat trends that you need to take into 2018 with you. Take a look at my Top 5 Coats For The New Year. I guarantee these trends will last longer than both mine and yours new year resolutions.  Out with the old, in with the phresh and padded.

Trench Coat In Vinyl


Vinyl has proved its worth this year with it becoming increasingly popular on the high street for both evening and night wear, dresses, shoes, shorts and skirts and now, coats. I love a good trench too.

Short Quilted Coat With Shimmer


The puffer coat has been reigning supreme for a while now. Giving you that all-time retro look that I just adore, it can make the gloomiest days seem the most fashionable. Dress down with some classic Adidas joggers or style it up with a pair of heeled pumps.

Khaki Oversized Faux Fur Hood Puffer Jacket


The parka is a classic, a must have and even better when it’s a puffer with a fur hood.

Red Midi Coat


A midi coat is a woman’s wardrobe necessity (one of many). Easy to layer underneath and you can happy vision yourself walking down a city street in, looking like a boss- I have way too much time on my hands.

Topshop Geometric Pattern Faux Fur Coat


Faux Fur is everywhere being the leading lady of the fashion world, it’s in no hurry of stepping aside. With designers and high-street creating stunning items with a incredible range of dyed colours (like above), the popularity of this coat is no surprise.

Which of the Top 5 is your favourite? Comment below…





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