There’s nothing that makes me happier than an outfit you can throw on and still look good in.


A top trend that started in 2016 and still something I can’t get enough of, the T-shirt dress can be transform you into whatever look your feeling in the moment, chic, classy, edgy and of course casual. Any event, season, occasion, you can wear it and pair it with just about anything.


Of course, I jumped on this trend right away because I’m all for easy outfit choices as a change and loved some of the graphic prints that were on them at the time, and started my very own collection. As basic as they seem, like with anything, it’s all about how you dress them up, even the most fabulous of items have to be dressed up a little, it’s what makes an outfit complete.


I paired this particular T-shirt dress with a denim jacket, patient leather heeled boots, my chain cross body bag (that weighs a tone might I add) and of course, some hoops, because it wouldn’t be dressed up a little without some hoops.

You can shop this whole look HERE or in my ‘Shop The Look’ menu ❤️.

BTW, there was definitely something on the floor in the first 2 pics.

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