City Stop lookbook ; BERLIN

So, in exactly 28 days (definitely not counting) I venture off to on a small city break to Berlin. Known for its fascinating history, stunning landmarks, inspiration, art, culture and creativity, I first was inspired to visit Berlin after a quick stop there with work. We caught the capital on a good day and it gave us a chance to wander around the city for a little bit and see a few monuments and had the chance to do a little shopping too (oh my god the mall is massive) but nowhere near as much time as I would’ve liked. It’s never been a place that I thought to go as I am much more of a summer holiday kind of gal but being there for the short time I was and seeing a completely different culture has inspired me to not only book the short break away to the city but also look at other small city breaks.

I’m going with my mum (Di), my Granny, and my Grannys sister, Auntie Anne #GALSONTOUR. Whilst we are there I think the main thing we want to get done is the WeihnachtsZauber Christmas markets and then go to some restaurants, do some shopping and some touristy bits too, it’s going to be jam-packed as we are only going for 2 nights and 3 full days.

Anyone who knows me or has been away with me knows what I’m like for packing, I forever am worrying about outfits to wear and end up over packing all the fking time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the weather plays me so much, so with that uncertainty in mind, I like to pack a bit of everything. But Berlin in winter I think it’s pretty straightforward, it’s probably going to be freezing; so, I thought instead of getting to packing the night before and stressing and as a result overpacking, I thought I would try and be a pro and create some mood boards for each day. I’ve tried to switch each look up as best I can whilst trying to make them warm so I don’t freeze my tits off.


Berlin look book 1 copy.jpgCasual but chic is the look I wanted to have for traveling to Berlin, seeing that will probably be quickly dropping our bags off and just freshening up and heading back out again, I wanted to make sure it was comfortable but also good enough to wear walking around the city and also warm enough too, hence the shearling biker jacket. And obviously, no journey is complete without your camera (oh and your passport).

Featured : Vi Parce T-shirt, Shearling Biker Jacket, Faux leather biker leggings, Chain cross body bag, MK sneakers, Baker boy cap, Nikon D3400.


Berlin look book 2.jpgI am sooo obsessed with this look, to wear on one of the evenings to a restaurant and then probably followed by some drinks and ofc the markets/shopping I wanted to make sure it was suited with the weather but also fashionable and a look that’s wearable out and about and also to dinner. The roll neck sweater looks way too comfy.

Featured : Roll neck sweater, Faux fur coat, Knee high boots, YSL card holder, Vanessa Mooney earrings, Deep red lip.

Berlin look book 3.jpgCool and casual this look is still somewhat slightly sophisticated (girl doesn’t want to go all out). The trainers are the ones that VB herself swapped her heels for and the trench coat is timeless, and there’s only a hint of black (finally!), perfect for the markets. P.s, the belt is to go over the trench, just to be that little bit more extra.

Featured: Reebok clubC 85 sneakers, Trenchcoat, Thick waist belt, Pipe stripe leggings, Bisous T-shirt.


Berlin look book 4.jpg

So, this final look is very dark I know but I think that for the final day it is good enough for running around the city trying to get that last little bit of sightseeing in, of course, I will be equipped with my camera and obviously wearing my hoops. The boots are super comfy so I don’t need to worry about my feet wanting to fall off at the end of the day and my scarf will just add that little bit extra warmth (and colour). However, I’m so undecided on the jacket, either the faux fur coat seen on look 2 or my shearling biker jacket seen on look 1, HELP, comment which one below! I probably will get changed before heading off to the airport, maybe into my… pyjamas, why the hell not.

Featured : LV scarf, Lace-up boots, Turtleneck top, Hoop Earrings.

Im also thinking about vlogging my trip and continuing to vlog when I get back so please let me know if that is something you would want to see from me! Subscribe to my Youtube channel HERE! And don’t forget to follow my blog for post updates!







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