9 of The coolest Halloween costumes

I’m always so psyched for Halloween. Everything about this holiday just gives me a buzz and the fact that it’s the last UK holiday before Christmas makes it 10X more exciting. When it comes to Halloween and dressing up though, sometimes we do still want to look good… it’s not easy finding an outfit that is cool, chic and scary all the same time. Grab yourself some inspo for this year with my 9 coolest Halloween costumes!


Iggy Azalea As Cruella De Vil


Carmen Kass As Mia Wallace


Kylie Jenner As Christina Aguilera


Fergie & Josh Duhamel As Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette


Hailey Baldwin & Olivia Perez As A Ninja and a Gypsy

Stars arrive to Kate Hudson's Annual Halloween Party

Jessica Alba & Kelly Sawyer As Patsy and Eddie


@helenapashos & Friends As Clueless


J-Lo & Casper Smart As Skeletons


Gigi Hadid As Sandy

Share your halloween costumes from this year on Instagram!

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