15 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Every day chic is the look I’m going for in 2017 and as sad as I am saying goodbye to the summer, it gives me great pleasure bringing out and buying my winter wear essentials. I see dressing in winter as a challenge, I want to be comfy but stylish and desperately searching round for the warmest yet most stylish outfit but can’t help but wonder how them girls on my Instagram timeline can look so good in -5º. I decided to try the new Instagram poll and see the results as to 15 items I have in my wardrobe that I think are timeless for winter. The results were pretty good, so here are 15 Winter Wardrobe essentials, timeless yet chic for the most wonderful time of the year…

Leather Pants

So many outfits can be created with leather pants, not to mention the fact they make your legs and ass look poppin’! They can be the look of off- duty casual or the epitome of glamour. However, styled they will always stay irresistibly chic.


There could not be an item of clothing more adaptable to the seasons that the everlasting legging. Spice them up with a slogan top and fur coat or chill out in them in a hoodie, there are endless ways to wear them!

Puffer Jacket

Could there be anything warmer or comfier (except your duvet), I love these at the minuet. Canada goose/ Vetements or Urban Outfitters there are endless styles to the puffer jacket but they are still both functional and affordable.

Lace-Up Boots

Endless styles of lace up boots can be found and it came as such a shock to me when the poll came back as only 37% had lace up boots and 63% didn’t. I think that they are a must, throw them on with some fluffy socks when it gets a little chilly, there are so many different styles and ways to wear them and are another timeless piece to have in your wardrobe. Check out my own lace up boots from River Island in my September/October haul. https://hannahcorkhill.com/2017/10/14/septemberoctober-haul/


A sweater is self-explanatory, right? If you don’t have about 7 hung up, then please buy more, you can never have enough!

Turtleneck Top

OMG, I have endless amount of love for the Turtle neck top! A versatile piece that you can wear with absolutely anything (and I mean anything).

Printed scarf

A statement accessory, the printed scarf can be your chunky but funky best friend. Perfect for only the coldest of days, who would’ve thought there would be more than one way to wear it.

Baker Boy Hat

With the colder weather approaching, celebs and Instagram IT girls are embracing this ever so chic look. A vintage piece worn by utter icons (like Brigitte Bardot) back in the 60’s is now channelling a new generation, and it’s so cool.

Trench Coat

Covering your pyjamas up when nipping to the shops is not all what’s good about this coat; An effortless and timeless wear, the trench coat is perfect for transitioning through the seasons. Gabardine drill, leather, or PVC, this is the ultimate winter staple.

Skinny Jeans

Show off them legs in a pair of skinnies! An item that 93% of us gals have in our closet. Dear the other 7% WUU2?!  Wear these with anything and if you get a really good pair that last forever, you’re in with a WIN!

Over-The-Knee Boots

Wear them with your skinny jeans, midi skirt or jumper dress, there are endless outfits to pair with these boots. A new one to the winter essential list I bought myself a pair last year at the height of the trend, and rest assured, I’ve still got them for this year.

Jumper Dress

A winter wardrobe must have. Basically, a stylish night gown they’re so cosy you’ll feel like you never left your bed. Paired perfect with a messy bun and some boots (knee high for extra warmth and style) get on this trend.

Biker Jacket

Much different to your average parka coat, the biker jacket offers an edgy touch to any look. Its thickness will keep you warm but its style will make you look effortlessly cool.

Fur Coat

An attention-grabbing fur coat (preferably faux) will turn your look from not to hot this season and like it has done for years in the past it will continue to do so in the future, invest in a high end one or get one equally as stylish on the high street, either way you need one.

Leather Tote Bag

Stylish yet functionable, the leather tote has plenty of room for all your winter essentials and is perfect for sitting on your shoulder whilst you warm your hands on a hot chocolate. Black is not the only colour you can find a tote in but is one that you can guarantee will go with any of your winter outfit picks.







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