Turn that basic look around- Snake drops

We all have them few “go to” accessories that we know can transform any look. For most it was the choker, then the hoops and then finding any mixed bundle of rings and bracelets and putting them all on until you couldn’t physically lift your arm anymore. As styles are changing and we have more (but still never enough) money to shop, I tend to seek more ‘must haves’ than what I would when I was following every trend under the sun.

IMAGE3I’m forever trying to be a little bit more adventurous and drop earrings has never been my style but I fell in love with these at first sight. A quick trip into the town centre *just* to put some money in the bank, I was lured into New look, you know I can never help myself. New look always has a huge jewellery selection, dependant on the season and store, I think it depends on what you get but their collection this time was pretty good, nothing else had anything on these beauts though. 


The first time I wore these I wore them out on a warmish night, I paired them with my black pocket mini skirt, my white Bardot frill cropped top, my leather biker jacket and my MissGuided strappy gladiator heels in khaki which I had not worn since I first posted them on here back in August and they broke, genuinely couldn’t believe it, but that’s another story. Adding natural bronzed make up, a hint of highlight, zero lip and straight hair. A basic black and white look made so much stylish with a pair of high street earrings. 

IMAGE 1I’m excited to try new styles with these and am wanting to try a single earring look, I think these would be so cool for it. Moral of the story is, if you try and avoid shopping by just putting money in the bank, swerve and go shopping, you might find something nice. 


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