Instagram or me? – Why I’m finding it hard.

I’ve been on Instagram since 2012, posting my life as I’ve grown up through the years, transitioning into the person I am now. My Instagram feed has seen so many phases, from the Kardashian obsession, to the Cher, the SJP and so on. My style (thank god) has evolved and I’m no longer seeking every Kylie Jenner outfit I can copy (if you know, you know), but no matter how hideous, I’ve always kept the photos on there from day 1, its seen so many memories. From my first post, posting as just another 13-year-old trying to get her head around this new social media craze, to me now, an 18-year-old wanting to make it in the fashion industry; so much has changed. From spontaneously posting pictures of my life to now wanting to create content for my page, is this really something I now enjoy? Yes… and no.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 10.33.32

I would love to say that I have had the best time figuring out Instagram but truth be told, its bloody hard. In the past few months, I have really been trying to learn more about Instagram and the ways that bloggers work on there, from scheduling to getting the “perfect” outfit inspo pic, but it’s all a hell of a lot more difficulty than what it first seemed. I’m always feeling like the content that I create and have created so far is just average. I don’t ever wasn’t to be just average but am struggling to make more than average work.

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 10.25.55

I would love to say there are no excuses and really, there aren’t, plenty of other people manage but, between the town I live in, and finding a photographer to shoot enough content with me (my bother has shot the last couple), and then you have to take into consideration if I did find a photographer, when we could both fit it in and finding shoot locations and then having the time to change looks and locations and then, the costs (I’m a part timer and intern atm). There’s so much I didn’t think of before and I know it’s something, when I get my shit together, that when I start they’ll be no stopping me but when, and how?!

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 10.26.08

I love blogging and writing, editing and working on social media posts and I get a buzz off the feeling when something all comes together and find such satisfaction when people enjoy my work. But the buzz slowly wears off; Instagram aren’t exactly making it easy for any blogger at the moment.  Between the fake followers and the follower buyers, just another reason why I think I’m a little demotivated atm, you hit such a high when you see all these people enjoying your content but most of it isn’t legit. People want to boost themselves, through my profile, fake commenting, liking and following, only to unfollow you after a couple of days?! No hunni.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 10.35.33Blogging and writing has forever been more than a hobby to me, and I would be wrong saying that I wouldn’t want to turn something like this into a career because let’s be real, who wouldn’t? I always question how bloggers juggle everything because I feel like I’m just making excuses, am I the only one?? Send help.

P.S. any kind of feedback would be amazing, or what you want to see on my blog? Comment below 💖. Oh, & I’ll be back with things I have lined up pronto. Better than before. I hope.





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