Disclaimer, When I first started blogging and thought about the endless possibilities and opportunities that could come with it, I thought about Ads and companies that would reach out. I have forever been watching and reading influencers reviews on brands and often wondered if they are all true. Sometimes I believe that a lot might be pushed a little bit more than what they truly are and although I’m open to new and different products, I always have said to myself that I could never and will never lie about my opinion of any product that I am reviewing. I couldn’t do it. So, because this is my first #ad post, I wanted to let you know that this one and any future #ad post, will always be 100% genuine; nobody likes a fake bitch… Ps. I will always be posting my ads with a #ad so any product that doesn’t have a #ad and is posted on here or my Instagram, will be a non paid review. 💋💋💋

It’s always been a priority of mine to take care of my teeth, I love a good set of pearly whites and although I never have had the perfect smile, I’d give me 10/10 for effort.

I’ve never thought my teeth to be that bad and luckily they’re quite naturally white so I’ve not really considered any teeth whitening products but I’m forever worrying about getting older and stains appearing. So when JustSmileUK contacted me it motivated me to do some research into activated charcoal and teeth whitening products.


What’s it all about? JustSmile’s current product is a 100% natural activated charcoal teeth whitener it does some crazy scincey shit to change the PH balance in your mouth allowing it to absorb toxins and stains (obviously didn’t come up with that myself). But by it absorbing the toxins and stains it will hopefully restore your teeth to a natural white.


At only £12.99 (Get 10% OFF below), its more than affordable.

They sent my parcel out straight away and I received my activated charcoal a week later, (through no fault of JustSmile- postman problems, I know it would have been here much sooner if it wasn’t for my postman) and when I opened it, I was honestly shocked by the size of the tub, its bigger than what I expected it to be and contains so much product. I started using it right away, brushing at night.



On the JustSmile website, it states for you to focus on where your teeth needs the most whitening so I brushed the front mainly. I’m not going to lie, it’s a messy process the charcoal splats everywhere which is not pretty. So, after the first brush being a mess, the next day I decided to do it when I was in the shower (it’s a lot easier to clean down).  After this I found it a lot easier to give my teeth the recommended 2 min brush with the charcoal and carried this on for a week. Immediately after using the product, my teeth felt polished but did not see and change in whiteness right away – which I didn’t expect. Btw, putting this product on your teeth (with it being charcoal and all), isn’t actually as bad as it seems, there is zero smell or taste and although it might be a bit difficult to rinse out it’s not grim at all.


A week on, and I can see a slight change in my teeth, like I said from the start, my teeth are quite white anyway so I’m not expecting to see a huge change but I can see a slight noticeable difference. Theres something about putting this on my teeth though that after a few times of using it, makes me feel so much cleaner and better for doing it, IDK why?! It would be interesting to see this product on someone who does have more stained teeth and although I feel like I don’t need to use this product now, I know that it can be a go to product for the future when stains do appear.

Need a little natural and cheap way of brightening your set? Get yaself over to JustSmileUK and use the Code HANNAH10 to receive 10% OFF!






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