April Favourites 2017

April is nearly over?! These months are seriously flying by, it seems like just a minuet ago we were celebrating Christmas. And as we slowly transition into the hotter months, I seem to find myself swapping items and products to go with the weather. You know, like out with the jumpers and thick coats, off with the leggings and in with the razor, and out comes the shorter tops and the ever so painful but necessary tanning routine.

You know I love me a good shopping trip, so I’m constantly buying new and different things to try out but most just sit in the back of my wardrobe after one use. A product has to really stand out to me for me to continue using it (I’m too picky). Sooo I’ve decided to start adding a Monthly favourites list to my blog that I will do at the near end of each month for you lovely lot!


First off, these nail polishes from Rimmel are giving me LIFE atm. The contrast between the earthy colour to the more popping yellow- so good. I have used them both so many times already. The yellow; which is called ‘summer lovin’’is a proper spring colour, don’t you think? I’m one of them people where my nails has to kind of go with my outfit (pain in the arse I know) so I find this colour a little bit more difficult to work with but for spring, with a floral top or a Bardot beach dress would look perf! The ‘beige babe’ shade literally goes with everything and anything so I wear for it longer periods of time as oppose to the yellow. I have found that they both paint on so well, and I’m always am struggling to find a varnish that stays on and doesn’t chip so I’m glad I found these.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m naturally pale, its bugged me my whole life. I love being tanned but hate fake tanning, I see it as chore and just smell at the end of it anyway. Coming into the warmer months I don’t want to be looking like milk so have been testing everything. I picked this Dove summer glow lotion up from the one and only Home Bargains. My mum had been using it for a while before me and even though she is more tanned than I am, it brought out her colour so much more. I started using it and a week and a bit later, I could 100% see a difference in my skin tone and had a few compliments too. The thing I love about this natural tan is (believe it or not) … it very natural, so many products state that they are a ‘natural tan’ but you come out streaky and orange which I’m not for. If you’re wanting a tan that is more instant then this won’t be right for you, it takes about a week or so to come into full effect but then after that you’ll see results. I use the darkest shade as I find it gives me more of a glow. Another thing about this is they’re cheap too! Definitely stocking up for the summer!

I have been hearing amazing reviews about Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks forever now and I had to know what the buzz was all about so decided to purchase one when in Manchester. With my lips being so painfully small, I always tend to stick to darker colours and red is my go to girl. CT have a few shades of red available but this ‘Red carpet red’ was my fave. I wear red for all occasions and nights out along with the occasional casual day. Unlike other red lipstick or dark lipsticks in general, I have not found this lipstick to bleed once which is FAB!! Not only is the lipstick worth it, look at that lipstick tube, a classic! Trust me its good.


How freakin’ cute is this top? A half-price sale bargain’ from Next this mesh floral embroidered top is definitely up there with my purchases for this month. Worn with a spaghetti strap vest top underneath or a bralette and some jeans or culottes and loafers would look so good.

I know I’m so late on the denim jacket scene (shocker). I found this one at Primani and decided to get it in 2 sizes bigger for the extra oversized look. You can honestly wear it with anything and is why I purchased one, its an easy way to spice up any outfit and the lighter shade of denim makes it look super in the spring, especially with an edgy ripped top or even just a cami. I’m edging to try a denim on denim style, so keep a look out for that- it could be a laugh. NEXTTT…

I’ve been all over these gold slogan necklaces and after trying (even before the trend started- Carrie Bradshaw style) so hard to find one with my name that was below £100 and failed miserably so I decided to settle with this ‘love’ slogan one. I got this in the sale at Topshop for about £3 (just call me the sale queen) and I LOVE wearing it with my multi-layer gold choker necklaces and it goes amazing with denim and some hoops, baby.


My favourite trend; out of many this month has to be the mule. These have been a trend throughout all of April, the thing I love about these is they come in so many different styles you can slide em’ on and make any outfit look so Chic and they are so standout-ish (is that even a word?!). Here’s hoping the trend continues. These are some of my favourites styles below.


Harry Styles’ first solo single ‘Sign of the times’ has to be my fav song for this month. I never have considered myself a ‘Directioner’ but I have a new found love for Harry. Listen below.







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