All about them colours; my favourite spring jacket

This jacket won’t go with everything but god will it make a statement. 


Seeing it on one of my many shopping trips to I can’t exactly remember where (it might come back to me), hung up on the sale rail in Topshop, I thought to myself “this can’t be right” a beautifully embroidered statement bolero styled jacket with bright popping colours- you know I wiped it off that rail straight away. 


Besides the beautiful embroidery and bargain price of this jacket, I’m also obsessed with the fact I haven’t yet *touches wood* seen it anywhere or on anyone else it’s like a custom made one of a kind! Ha, in my dreams! 


I wore this jacket all last spring/ summer and paired it with a different mix of items each time. For pants I usually wore either my mom jeans (high waisted) or a pair of my ripped leggings. Tops I found difficult to pair because there are that many colours on the jacket, so I just tried to stick to black or white, usually my black velvet cami top or my cropped white tee. For shoes, I love me some sandals in the spring/ summer months so usually I would pair them with some sandals or just some converse as nothing will draw attention away from this jacket so I try to keep everywhere else pretty simple. 

Here I am wearing the Topshop embroided statement bolero jacket with a black cropped New Look tee, MissGuided ripped jeans and MissGuided buckle block heels added with a simple belt and my hair thrown up (whats new). 


I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of this jacket in the future… it ain’t going anywhere (unless I lose it- I’m very good at losing jackets). What would you wear this jacket with?

6 thoughts on “All about them colours; my favourite spring jacket

      • hannahcorkhill says:

        I’ve never tried American eagle jeans but I assume looking at the pricing of them and Zara’s that the fitting and quality are the same and my Zara jeans fit me better than my MissGuided ones. My MissGuided jeans are a little tighter (and shrink easy) so I’d go for a 10, if not you could always shrink them. X


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