Post Picks- SPRING 17


OMG GUYSSSS, it’s nearly spring and I couldn’t be more excited because that can only mean 1 thing, it’s one tiny step closer to summer!!! Am I way too excited? Now my summer bod is not yet in full force (will it ever be though?) but, I have back up! I have planned out items that I’m in need of this spring and some items that can be taken through to the summer months too, Eeeekkk! 

Bearing in mind the temperature where I am in spring is about as hot as my summer body, (obviously sarcasm- yes, its basically winter here all year round), but when dressing up, I just love to pretend that I’m somewhere less wintry and more spring because, well, its so much more fun… 

So I’ve been shopping around like the shopaholic I am, and have collected together way more than a few items that I think would be perfect for any Spring look! I am wanting to keep adding items to this list for you guys though (I’m just saying it’s for you guys so I don’t seem like some complete loner who sits here all day scrolling through shopping websites, its really just for me… JK’ss). 

With plenty of frills, gingham, denim and embroideries, I am so excited too see everyone’s spring looks this year as I think the trends are perfect. One thing that I have added that I am completely in love with at the moment are the vintage printed bandanas! Worn with a leather or denim jacket and some culottes or shorts, they complete the chic retro look I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of. 

Create some killer looks this spring and don’t forget to share ❤

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