Finders keepers, style n’all


Being as much into fashion as I am, one thing that is always on my mind is the clothes, the shoes, the bags, the accessories and, the style. I believe, that the way something is styled can change an item and turn a look around completely.

As you know, fashion and styles are always changing, I cannot begin to tell you the amount of times I sat in college writing about a current collection or piece and describing it as having a “60’s feel” or comparing colours and stitchings to an era or object, there is always a link.

I have never really thought that our generation have ever had our own ‘stand out’ style, you know, like the minis of the 60’s and the boots of the 70’s and so on (and I’m definitely not counting the Paul’s Boutique and the Hollister phase), but I always think that we are going round in circles taking bits from eras and adding our own spin on it. Which in all honesty works, for example, the ruffles and embroideries that have emerged and then kitten heels, one thing I can not get over, kitten heels are back! But they sure look better than ever.


(Thank you Dior…)

But as styles do come and go and make the loop around, the one thing I have always thought to be so important, is to find your own. Having your own style, amongst many other qualities I think is something that can define you and especially in the fashion industry, can make you stand out so much more.

I’d really like to think that I have my own style, I don’t exactly think I could describe my ‘looks’ myself although I do like to create more ‘edgy glamour’ looks and when looking for inspiration, either for myself or to style with, these tend to be what I always seem to go for. I do really love the classy stones looks of the 60’s with the fur coats and then the 90’s edgy/grunge look but then to add a touch of a glamour like Marilyn’s to really mix it up a bit (a touch of red goes a long way); always, taking things from different eras whilst knowing there is always a way to add your own spin by adding or taking away, old trends will never get old.

I never thought it was easy finding my own style, and still as I said, probably couldn’t come up with a definitive answer if someone were to ask me what my style was now. In school it was all about fitting in with the crowd and to be honest, that is something that I have never wanted to achieve, but made it so much more difficult.

The main key I believe to fining your own personal style and something that has helped me through the years is confidence, I think that if you wear something with confidence then that will shine past any opinion or doubt.

Take a look at some of my style inspirations below, some old and some new but all classics…


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