Concert wear- The struggles

With many of the UK currently going into meltdown over Drakes ‘The boy meets world’ tour and many (including myself) being privileged enough to attend; its hard to believe that the only thing that concerned me the most was what I was going to wear.

If I’m honest, I’m not your regular concert goer, I don’t tend to go to many but whenever I have in the past, I’ve always been seated. Seated is probably the more sensible option in my eyes, you can take a coat, wear it if you’re too cold or put it behind you if you’re too hot and sit at the concert, enjoy the music whilst able to still breath and get drinks form the bar; oh, and you don’t have to stand outside for hours waiting either if you don’t want too.

Standing however is a whole different ball game, the adrenaline and atmosphere is great,  I was expecting most of the pushing, the shoving and claustrophobia which was probably a good thing because I feel if I wasn’t, then I would not have coped. (drama queen).

After a long debate with myself on what I was going to wear, I decided to go with a Khaki Funnel Neck Strap Cuff Sweatshirt paired with some Black Zip Front Ring Detail Popper Hem Culottes, both from MissGuided (see below). I thought that this was simple enough. The material on the jumper wasn’t too thick but was thick enough to keep me slightly warm, and I mean slightly, when we were stood outside for almost 2 hours. In 3 degrees. (A temperature I definitely wasn’t expecting, and I really hate the cold)!

Once inside, the temperature wasn’t too bad as we were just defrosting after standing outside. However, after the first few performances, I felt like I had just done a complete cardio session. The room just kept getting hotter and hotter but then again, I was jumping around in a jumper. I wasn’t the only one who looked to be a little flushed though, thank god!

Almost everyone who I saw stood next to me (and I mean there were a lot of people, most of whom were within breathing distance from me), but each one were complaining either how warm it was or how sweaty the were (disgusting, but true), luckily for us security were handing water out which I’m so thankful for because I swear, I was one sweat drop away from dehydration.

The initial finding of what I was going to wear was probably one of the hardest tasks of my life though. Me being me, I could not just turn up how any other normal person did in a t-shirt and jeans, which would have been ten times more simple, but 100% not me. But between me in the thin jumper and culottes and the rest of the surrounding crowd mostly in T-shirts and jeans and a couple of crazy ones in shorts, I think yes maybe I was a little bit more warm amongst all the jumping, screaming, mosh pits and pushing but when stood outside in the freezing cold, surely I must have been a little bit more warmer than the others then too. Sort of like a win win, lose, lose situation…

It really is a difficult task when searching what to wear and I would probably have the same situation if I went another concert. There is really no clothing I can think of that is suitable for standing. A amazing as it was, its a good job I don’t have any concerts planned for the near future.


Khaki Funnel Neck Strap Cuff Sweatshirt.


Black Zip Front Ring Detail Popper Hem Culottes





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