Pay day picks and routine!

Last pay day seems like years ago! Like many, I am forever sat thinking about when I next get paid and what I’ll buy, which leads to me always counting down the days in my diary!

Something I love doing (but probably shouldn’t), is planning what I want to buy next pay day. Bad for my account maybe, but always good for my health. Bills out of the way first, I scrape together whatever I have left and wait for the fun to begin.

Screen-shotting items and products from Instagram is a hobby of mine. If I see a pair of shoes I like, they’ll be saved then added to a long list of needs. This list gets bigger, and bigger each month and will probably continue to for as long as I have money in my account (stay-tuned).

I’m the kind of person that if I see something that I really like or want, I will either budget my way through life to get it or, I will save for however long it takes. Its just how I am. However, I always feel that it isn’t always necessary to break the bank for an update of a wardrobe. I do try and find a healthy mixture of both affordable and luxury items. Yes, I do like designers and their items, but I have just as equal of a love for high street too. But if you’re a list making kinda person like me, it usually starts to add up.

Because I create that many lists of items in such a small amount of time, sometimes they always so unaffordable in one shop, I do have to weigh up in my head what I like, what I want the most and what can wait till next month; this way I know where I am with finances, we aren’t all millionaires, but it creates more of an understanding and keeps me from going a little overboard.

A look at some items I love so far,

1. Louis Vuitton Logomania scarf, 2. MissGuided black split tie detail trousers,  3. Public Desire Annika lace up sport velvet boots,  4&5. Juicy Couture Monogram Robertson jacket and pants,  5. Gucci leather belt,  6. Zara plush dress with flared sleeves,  7. Zara copper lightweight jacket,  8. Kendall+Kylie fur sleeve bomber (new collection).

Its not only fashion items that I lust after, these are some beauty and lifestyle items that I have added too,

1. Zoeva rose gold eye set,  2. Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution red carpet,  3. Chanel hydra beauty serum,  4. Kendall+Kylie Sophie summer dog charm,  5. Alexandra Shulman inside Vogue,  6. Urban Outfitters straight table lamp.

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