Stylist Fucci- Inspiration post


I wanted to do a post about someone in the fashion industry who has inspired me greatly. Even though there are many who inspire me on a day-to-day basis, there are a couple who stand out to me the most. One of them being Farren Fucci aka Karlie Floss.

An up and coming stylist to some of the most influential fashion icons.

From what I have read in recent online articles, Farren didn’t come from much, but was dressing his sisters barbies at the age of 5 telling her to “get some scissors on that skirt”, starting to get the picture already?

Even though Farren has been about styling and publishing on social media for probably years, whilst at the same time earning thousands of followers and getting recognition from style queen Rihanna, he wasn’t far from his big break. Though, Rihanna’s recognition and messages would have been the icing on the cake for many, Farren wanted the cherry on top too, so he kept aiming.

I personally have been following Fucci on social media for a while, twitter longer than Instagram as I couldn’t find it for so long, (the name situation)! He inspires me immensely, mainly because I just love the way he styles and the vibe he brings to a shoot but also just his ambition and no f*cks attitude in general.

Not too long after I had followed him on Instagram, and liked every picture in sight, I found out through stalking his profile for inspiration, that he had just recently styled and directed a shoot for Paper magazine and the model for the shoot was Bella Hadid. Yes, supermodel Bella Hadid, shoook.

The shoot was UNREAL! Edgy but current with jewels and platinum-blonde hair, Farren had definitely done an unbelievable styling job. Not only did he impress all of his followers, but Bella seemed to love the shoot too and became a big fan also, allowing him to style her head to toe for New Years eve (another amazing look) Gaining more and more publicity, only days after the release of the shoot, Fucci was then signed to Wilhelmina talent agency as a recognised artist.

I read an interview not too long ago about Farren, telling the interviewer his aspirations and ambitions and a little about himself too, he stated that without social media he would not have gotten “anywhere”. This I think is highly unlikely as he is such a talent, but it gives just the average blogger and wannabe stylist like me much more hope in the fact that social media as much of a curse, it does help that little bit extra.

Who knows where he’ll be next.

Check out some of Farren Fuccis work below.


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