After months of not blogging or even gong anywhere near my site, I can now finally say (like it or not), I’m back.

Since I  first started this blog in early 2016 I’ve accomplished so may personal goals, but have been wanting to improve my life and finances for the better. The job hunt was on ever since I left college and even though I knew that all I wanted to do was fashion I needed an full time income that was able to support my retail habits. As soon as I had that sustainable income and more of a “routined” lifestyle, I was sure that I would come back to the blogging life and start all over again.

So here I am! Ready to start afresh. With a new blog style, I am certainly willing to put soooo much more time into this than what I did before.

Taking each blogging day as it comes, I don’t want this to be just a hobby. I have found a new platform for my style boards, have created lists of possible posts and have done a hell of a lot of research into how I can make this blog work not only for me but for an audience too.

Stick with me!

A re-launch unfortunately without the party…

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