Manchester trip & Selfridges


A couple of days ago, I took a 1hour 30-minuet train ride to the city of Manchester. Staying for two nights in a budget hotel (saving money for the more important things) a couple of friends and me, celebrated one of my best friends, Molly’s birthday. As well as all the celebrating we did, (and trust me, we did a lot), there was also plenty of time to shop; and the best place to go when in Manchester is definitely Selfridges! Even though of a lot of shopping can’t go on in here unless you’ve saved for an eternity, it’s still nice and even though the shopping may be very little or non- existent, the browsing was constant. We actually decided to go just before we went out for dinner on the first night, to see what we were getting ourselves in for the next day.

Designers, upon designers, upon designers, the place is filled with Jimmy Choo, Fendi, Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and so on, and so on. Too anyone that knows me knows that I would’ve been like a kid in a couture candy store- and that I was. Of course, like any other normal person would’ve done (sarcasm at it’s finest), I took plenty of pictures of my favourite items on display, and one tiny purchase at the end…


All images are my own, and items I wish were.

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